Latex Hand Gloves
Latex Hand Gloves. Specifications: Made out of latex rubber. Palm side available: 8, 9 & 10.Latex gloves are thick dipped and provide chemical resistance to aggressive acids and alkalies. Good to use for industrial works during chemical handling.

PVC Dipped Hand gloves
PVC very resistant to abrasion and chemicals. Fully coated gloves are waterproof. General use reinforced mechanical protection gloves.PVC material of superior quality giving firm and better grip. II. It has curved fingers which provides flexibility.

Nitrile Hand gloves
Nitrite glove with an inner cotton flock lining are designed for high dexterity and are available in different thicknesses. They are ideal for handling acids, petrochemicals, oils, greases, freons, hexane and various other chemicals.

Latex Half Neoprene gloves
Natural latex glove half-coated with neoprene, zigzag textured palm and inner cotton flock lining, which provides protection. Neoprene gloves are ideal for handling a variety of chemicals

Nitrile Butadine Rubber Hand gloves
Interlock-knitted cotton gloves are dipped with nitrile-butadiene rubber to provide abrasion and some chemical resistance. The palm dipped version has a breathable back and our fully dipped version provides protection to the entire hand

Nitrile Exam Hand Gloves
Nitrile Exam Hand Gloves are the best option for handling general laboratory chemicals and medical related hazards. Packed in a dispenser box of 100 Nos. Thickness 0.1 mm.

PU Coated Gloves
PU Coated Gloves / Polyester Knitted Seamless Gloves With PU Coating On Palm.PU is flexible, synthetic material with outstanding dexterity, sensitivity, grip & breathability. It has good resistance to abrasion & tear

Nitrile Coated Gloves
Non-linting white Polyester Seamless Liner Ergonomic Fit. Superior tactile feel and touch Comfort PLUS nitrile coating gives good dexterity and extreme comfort, nitrile coating gives protection against light solvents and oils. Applications like Intricate Parts Assembly Electronics. Automotive Material Handling, Light Fab.

Latex Coated Gloves
These are seamless-knitted polyester/cotton gloves dipped with natural rubber These gloves provide good grip as well as cut, abrasion and puncture resistance

Aluminized Gloves
Aluminized Hand Gloves with inside insulation felt/wool lining and fabric of Standard quality. A versatile glove to handle various heat application like near furnace work , baking industry

Aluminized Hand Gloves
Aluminized Hand Gloves reinforced with ARAMID in the palm for high heat and lined with insulating material LIKE FELT/WOOL . This glove provides good cut and abrasion resistance . Good to handle high heat metal chips or agressive

Heat Shield Hand Gloves
Heat Shield Hand Gloves made of normal and tanned Split Leather of Reddish‐brown colour. Insulating thermal barrier as inner layer gives heat protection upto 250 degrees. Thumb reinforcement enhances usage life. Best for welding and general heat applications.

Full Aramid Hand Gloves
Full Aramid Hand Gloves are made of strong cut resistant Aramids like Kevlar, etc. and supported with insulating thermal barrier as inner layer to give high heat protection. Best for cut and heat operations

Palm Aramid Hand Gloves
Palm Aramid Hand Gloves are made of strong cut resistant Aramids like Kevlar, etc. at palm and balanced with leather. Supported with insulating thermal barrier as inner layer to give high heat protection. Best for cut and heat operations

Workguard Gloves
Workguard is heavy‐duty special purpose glove offering high levels of molten splash resistance. It provides superior durability and good protection from cuts, punctures and abrasions.This makes the glove suitable for a large number of applications requiring heat resistance, including welding, operating machinery and working in environments with a risk of heat or molten splash.With a soft inner jersey palm lining and a cotton denim cuff,.

Kelvar Gloves
100% Kevlar®, heavy weight, 7 gauge. … Kevlar® brand fiber provides high tensile strength relative to its weight – up to five times stronger than steel. Seamless knit construction protects hands without sacrificing comfort or dexterity.

Electrical resistant Gloves
Rubber insulating gloves – Classified by the level of voltage and protection they provide. Leather protector gloves – Worn over rubber insulating gloves to help provide the mechanical protection needed against cuts, abrasions and punctures

Cotton Knitted Hand Gloves,
The seamless-knitted cotton gloves, these 100% cotton gloves are available in various weightlessness knitted gloves made of cotton are used in a wide range of applications, from heavy industrial work to assembly and even as liners underneath other gloves. The knit construction provides good dexterity, while cotton helps keep the hand dry and comfortable. Economical, verstile and environment friendly, these gloves are available in different styles and shapes for use in industries of various scales.

Seamless Cotton Knitted Dotted Hand
Cotton gloves coated on one side with PVC dots provide improved grip. Available in different weights and thicknesses, these gloves are now becoming the standard for general industrial applications

Cotton Sleeves knitted
it is used where a closer fit to the arm is needed, cotton sleeves knitted witha fully elasticated structure. The thumb-hole feature allows for excellent non-slip usage and is standard for this product.

Gripper Hand Gloves
These products are made from good quality of leather and other protection against cut and puncture resistance.

Leather Hand Gloves
These gloves are made from good quality of leather and protection against cut and puncture resistance.

Canvas hand gloves
Cotton canvas gloves are ideal for general purpose applications. They keep your hands clean and cool. Specifications: Size : 12″ to 18″ Very flexible, grip oriented more