Standard harness
Standard Harness. Designed for lighter brush cutters and trimmers. Adjustable, padded shoulder straps. Simple and effective quick release on chest. Firm hip support.

Lanyard with Snaphook
1.8 mt Polyproplene [PP] lanyard attached with spring type snap hook on Both side

Lanyard with Snaphook with choices
1.8 mt Double Polyproplene [PP] lanyard attached with spring type Scaffold hook on one side ,otherside attachment for harness .

Lanyard with Scaffold hook
1.8 mt Double Polyproplene [PP] lanyard with Scaffold hook with choice of harness on other side

Lanyard with Snaphook polyamide
1.8 mt Polyamide [PA] lanyard attached with spring type snap hook on one side and choice of harness on other side.

Double Polyamide [PA] lanyard
1.8 mt Double Polyamide [PA] lanyard with spring type scaffold hook on one side and choice of harness on other side

Rope Grab
The rope grab is the device that allows the worker to move up and down a vertical lifeline “This Rope Grab Fall Arrester System consists of an openable Rope Grab Device, made up of high strength steel, which moves freely along the polyamide twisted rope anchorage line (14mm to 16mm dia), attached at its eye with the user, while he moves up and down. The rope grab immediately ‘grabs’ on to the line in the event of a fall, thereby arresting the fall. Conforms to EN 353-2:2002”

Rope Grab Fall Arrestor
Made of 12mm dia 3 strands Twisted polyamide rope.Length 1.5 m, 1.8 m, 2.0 m. PN 112 with Energy Absorber PN 300 at one end and two Steel Scaffold Hook PN 131 at other ends. Conforms to EN 355:2002 + VG11/PFE 63 (Additional Static Strength Test)

Polyamide anchorage Line
14 mm Polyamide [PA] Rope with one side carabiner attachment and other side with knotted end. This line is used for attaching fall arrestor [Rope Grab].

Aluminum Rope Ladder
It comprising of aluminum lugs and nylon rope. The aluminum lugs are of 25 mm dia and of 16″ width

Wooden Rope Ladder
It consisting of wooden lugs and or PP rope of 12 mm. The wooden lugs are of 35 mm dia and of 18″ width

Safety Net
Fabricated from PP / Nylon ropes as per the IS 5175 in knotted meshes for effective fall function Meshes are available for different use (6″ square for human and 3″ square for tools and equipment) Supports heavy load impact Provides full competent cushioning and impact of the fall is absorbed which facilitates safety of the person working at their site

Safety Net Double
It consisting of double twine PP Rope Dia: 2mm ( 2nos ). Mesh Size: 40 mm Outer Rope Dia: 12mm

Fall Arrestor Block Webbing 6.2
Housing: High‐strength Thermoplastic Polypropylene Hub: Aluminum and high‐strength composite Braking Mechanism: High‐strength steel, yellow zinc chromate plating Lifeline: Core: Technora® (aramid fiber) Outer cover: Chemically‐treated polyester for increased abrasion resistance Snap Hook: Aluminum TECHNICAL
Maximum Working Load: Up to 400 lbs. (181kg) Working Capacity:20 ft. (6.1m) Nearly indestructible, high impact‐resistant nylon housing withstands the harsh rigors of the toughest applications. Pound for pound the strongest, most durable line of self‐retracting lifelines on the market

Honeywell Fall Arrestor Block 2.5 mtrs Materials
Housing: Thermoplastic Cover/Aluminum Extrusion Thread: No.415 6 cord bonded, 3 strand polyester Snaphook: Drop Forged Steel Webbing: Polyester/Vectran Max Working Load: 310 lbs (140.62 kg) ‐ 400lbs (181.44 kg) available Ultimate Strength: 3000 lbs. (13.34 kN) Lifeline Tension: 3 to 4 lbs. (13.3/17.8 N) Free Fall Distance: 24” Max. (609.6 mm) Deceleration Distance: 42” Max (1.06m) Arresting Force (Internal Shock Absorber): 900 lbs. (approx.) (4kN) Strength Test: 300 lbs. 4’ free fall (1.33 kN @ 1.22m free fall) Weight: 2.94 lbs. (1.2kg)